Study Peace by Marlon Jackson.



"Peace can not be conquered by force. In order for us to obtain peace, it must be done through understanding. Understanding one another. I want to do this through kids, because they are more open to change."



Study Peace is the brand and movement started by Marlon Jackson,

member of the world famous Jackson family, a musical legend and pop royalty. 

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Carol & Marlon Jackson's grandkids advocate against bullying 
Noah, Phoenix, Sophia, Savanna. 


I started this journey to teach our youth kindness and attempt to stop bullying. The children are our future, and it is essential to establish sound morals and characteristics that will lead the way to a better world. Peace and kindness is something that so many lack especially in a world conditioned to accept rudeness and bullying as a way of life something we just need to deal with and look past. I believe that conditioning our children to treat all with dignity and respect is the first step in creating a more peaceful and loving environment. It begins with our children for they are the future presidents, entrepreneurs, teachers and more. It would be a pleasure to have your assistance in spreading
this message as I embark on this mission.



The non-profit Marlon Jackson Study Peace Foundation that was founded by Marlon Jackson is to promote peace and unity in communities worldwide. Due to his successful career with his brothers in the music groups the Jackson 5 and The Jacksons, and his travels he became aware of what foreign underserved communities endure. After meeting kids across the world and seeing that some of them do not have the basic necessities needed to thrive, Marlon knew it was time to focus on the kids and he started the foundation that would benefit the basic fundamentals of a healthy environment for children. Marlon’s belief is that if we teach children to co-exist and understand each other the benefit will be harmony throughout communities for years to come, because children are the future. Study Peace Foundation creates new programs designed to engage young people and adults to live in peaceful environments.